Think Like A Business Owner!

The key to a successful business is the owner’s mindset. According to Than Merill, business owner mindset refers to a specific state of mind which orientates human conduct towards business activities outcomes. Individuals with business mindsets are often drawn to opportunities, innovation and new value creation.  This also includes being a problem solver, self-motivated, honesty […]

5 Tips on How to Manage Your Time While Working From Home

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are forced to work remotely. Working from home is a great opportunity. With this set-up, you enjoy flexibility and a more relaxed environment. However, managing time can be challenging, and being able to balance productivity and personal life is one hefty task. It’s either you fall for all […]

COVID-19 Information for local businesses

Introduction: This information has been put together in the hope that it helps our local business community with understanding and putting in place some fundamental processes which might prove useful in the coming months. With the cooperation of the Maple & Honey Digital Agency (a locally owned business), I have tried to present the information […]