How to Stay Connected to Your Clients During a Pandemic (Adapting to the New Normal)

Connect with Clients during a Pandemic

We’re almost there! Restrictions have been eased in almost all states, businesses are reopening and a small gathering (with social distancing) is allowed, but we aren’t going back to normal yet. Everything is so much more different now, that a “new normal” is about to come its way. The new normal is a new way of living, including how we interact with people — and this is a challenge for us, business owners. How do we go about staying connected to our clients with the new normal? There are actually a couple of ways!

Update your Website

Your website is your business’ home on the internet, and it’s open 24/7. Invest on the fact that anyone can visit your website anytime, anywhere. Keep your website updated so that they know what’s happening to your business — if you’re still operational or if there are changes to your operations. You can do so by putting an announcement to your home page, maybe on the banner or on the top most portion of your website.

You can also regularly update your audience by posting blog articles. Aside from your operations, you can write about other topics you think are relevant to the situation and to your brand. If you’re struggling to write blog articles, you can learn more here.

Stay Active on Social Media

Aside from your website, your business’ social media is another major way to continuously connect with your clients and potential customers. A Facebook page is actually considered a website as well! Connect with your clients through social media by posting updates about what’s happening in your business. The key is to be transparent. Also, share relevant information. Keep them updated not only about your business, but also about the whole situation. Lastly, because social media is already a two-way communication, you can also ask them how they are doing! Encourage them to engage with your posts through the comments section. This gives them the impression that you are concerned about them.

Use Email Marketing

Often forgotten, email marketing is actually an important marketing tool. More often than not, your clients regularly check their emails, so it’s important to penetrate this channel as well. Send out email updates to your customer list or your newsletter subscribers. You may start with sending a newsletter report on how your business is doing, a market report. Also, an email asking them how they are will really help. These emails, when personalised, become extra effective.

Utilise Digital Tools

There are a lot of tools available so you can continue working and communicating with your clients. For example: for meetings, you may use Zoom or Google Hangouts. And for CRM, Hubspot is a good option.

With the digital age, there are many fast and easy-to-use tools to stay connected to your audience and your clients. Utilise these tools to be informative, stay relevant, and show concern to your clients.

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